Fire and Spirit – 2016 Pentecost Banners

Helen Corley and I have been making new banner sets for our church for the last year and a half. She has actually been the Banner Lady for some time but has given me free rein to design the new banners ever since Mt Horeb decided they wanted more contemporary, VERY LARGE  banners. It’s a match made in heaven. This year, we […]... Read More
Bible Journaling Lord's Prayer

What is WRONG With Me?

I have things to share. I have people who encourage me. I have time and words flowing in my head. And I can’t …what? Take the time? Make the effort? Take perfect pictures? And put stuff on a page? I am working CONSTANTLY on new stuff. Collages. Banners for church. Techniques. Tips. And most of […]... Read More

Copper Collage

5×7 matted to 8×10 Ingredients: Tissue paper, old security envelope, Citra-Solv paper, scrapbook paper, wax paper, Washi tape, Golden Light Molding Paste, the Gospel of Luke (waxed for translucence), Acrylic paint glazes Dip pen, fountain pen and India and colored inks Copper metallic tape  ... Read More